Spartan chatter - user control over callouts

I am actually a fan of the spartan chatter. I know some dont like it, and I 100% support an option to turn it off. However, I tend to be a lone wolf player, rarely play with the same people, and rarely use a mic. So, I really love what spartan chatter has done for the silent, loan wolf, mic-less crowd. It really does bring an element of team communication to general play.

I think there is a great opporuntity for more user interaction with the call out process with spartan chatter. 343 should give players a ‘call out’ button. If you have line-of-sight on someone, press the call out button, the spartan chatter communicates to the group that abc players are at xyz location.

For an average player like myself, who never learns call out locations, rarely plays with a mic, and never plays with a coordinated group of players, this would have a major inpact on teamwork. In addition, it would help the community at large crest the learning curve for call out locations. Just being able to hear my own spartan say what the location is that I am looking at would help me learn. So in those times I do use a mic, I can just say it myself.

Thoughts? I know much of the community dislikes the chatter. But I really think that shifting it to a user controlled interaction would be amazing.

There has to be some opinion on the topic. Am I really the only one who sees the possiblity for what spartan chatter could become.

It would bring pro-esque call out feasibility to the general playing public. Teamwork could occur on-the-fly with random people without a mic. So much potential.