Spartan Chatter NEW VOICES

Just like in Halo Reach, we had different FireFight voices acted by different characters from Halo like Johnson & Master Chief. I like the idea of Spartan Chatter in Halo 5 for when you’re playing by yourself but how about adding another layer of diversity? Just like FireFight voices from Reach, add addition options for Spartan chatter.Different lines from FireTeam Osiris like Locke, Vale, Tanaka & Buck to maybe Blue Team like John, Linda, Kelly & Fred.
Let’s take this idea a step further…
Characters from Red vs Blue. Every time you kill someone with the shotgun, “You just got SARGED!” Kill someone with a sword. “Bow-Chikca-Bow-Wow.” Miss with the sniper. “-Yoink!-!” yelled Church. Get into a Mantis & freckles starts talking. When you get a kill from the grave metal, Emile could yell “I’M READY! How bout you!?” When you first get shot “WE’VE BEEN ENGAGED!” yelled Carter.Take it even a step further, now we are getting different voice actors like Steve Blum, Troy Baker, maybe some of the Walking Dead characters, character from other Xbox games like Gears of War or Tomb Raider.I think this would be a cool idea, add a lot more depth to the customization for Halo 5. What do you guys think? Yes or no? I’d like to see what everyone else thinks.

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