Spartan chatter and audio cues stay or go?

everyone and their grandma has given their opinion on sprint and Spartan abilities.

how do you guys feel about Spartan hatter and the audio cues? Do you want it to be in halo 6 and if yes what changes would you like to see. And by audio cues I mean everything voices,pings and power weapon timer.

For starts absolutely should always have an option to turn them off if the player chooses.

Me personally I hope they return to future halos. I can see the whole “makes halo noobish” argument but meh timing power weapons is a skill yes, but knowing everyone else knows that the sniper is coming up and still coming away with it. Takes more skill.

The noobs will camp around them and be easy picked and the skillfull will come away with the weapon.

I would also like Spartan chatter and audio cues like the assist ping to return. In an era where everyone cries about teamwork being a dying thing. The mic community in halo 5 is poor. To think ppl go into a community doubles playlist solo with no mic, when every(I believe) Xbox one comes with a basic mic. Still baffles me. But I get it solo while you got music blasting or in a part chat is fun.

Spartan chatter and those cues allow me to know a lot about my surroundings,info I would be getting if playing with a full team. Power weapon low on ammo or knowing that someone finished off my kill without having to look at the kill feed.

The he other stuff like “cool headshot” keeps them human lol I don’t mind it

How about you guys

Eh. I play late at night with the sound all the way down anyway. Makes no difference to me.

In in fact the other day I had the rare opportunity to play with the sound up and I had no idea the kill feed makes a little noise with each event. It was irritating actually lol!

not every xbox comes with a mic, mine did not. it was a special tomb raider xbox.

I personally quite like the audio cues, whilst they can be somewhat distracting at times they can often give helpful information when not communicating with other players. It can be helpful when someone gets a kill and their Spartan says “nice nade kill” or “nice headshot”, it’s an easy way of knowing if the person you were shooting at has been dropped without looking at the kill feed. It can also be helpful for call outs like “enemy in blue two” or “enemy in long hall” and such. I don’t know personally it doesn’t bother me but I can see why it can be distracting.

Can’t you turn those off? I swear there’s an option for it.

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> Can’t you turn those off? I swear there’s an option for it.

You can so I don’t see the problem.

The call outs have been a huge help for solo play, especially with power weapons. I like the audio cues as well. Once you know what each one means you can tell how the match is going and what’s happening around you without having to look at the HUD elements. Both audio elements put everyone on an even playing field, meaning you don’t have to memorize the timing and keep watching the game clock to know when to push a weapon pad. It strips down what you need to pay attention to so you can focus on the individual firefights and not trying to remember if it was 7:10 when rockets spawn or 6:10.

I’m kind of torn on whether they should be added for other parts of the game. The biggest example is with power ups. On many maps the OS or camo is a huge boost that’s as helpful as a power weapon. If your team doesn’t get the first one, it’s really hard to know exactly when to push. But that is also an incentive to push power ups at the start and control the timing. The other place where call outs could be helpful are in Warzone, when the enemy is taking a base. There is no audio cue to alert you to that, and you have to be within a certain range to get the visual cue. On the one hand, I can’t stand when you push hard to take an armory only to have it immediately re-capped because the whole team abandoned it. But on the other hand, it’s huge to be able to stealth cap an armory close to the enemy base if you’re triple-capped.

tl;dr I like the audio cues and would seriously like 343 to play around with expanding them and test how it affects the flow of games.