spartan charge

Ok so everyone keeps say spartan charge needs to be nerf or its over powered and im here disagree in many different situations why its not overpowered…yes it does kill if you hit from behind even if the guy has os but still its not op. There are a few reasons why its not op.

  1. If you miss. If you miss you are stuck in that whole slinding, and wacking animation for 3 to 5 seconds(lag frames). Leading you to death, or no shields if the enemy hits you or the enemy could run away and be out of your line of sight by time your gone but if you miss and the enemy starts shooting you, you have an 99% chance you loose only way you could possibly win is if the enemy sucks, ran out of ammo, or you have os, or he didnt shoot you till you were out of lag dont miss

2.If the enemy spartan charges you from the front while you have os well he looses this gun fight unless you suck at aiming, i say this because spartan charge doesnt take out os (unless its almost out) whole they spartan charge you in the front so you still have an advantage.

  1. Bullets, just one bullet stops a guy from spartan charging you because it stops the animation.

4.thruster, lets say someone is running at you and you hear them and there coming from behind you thruster left or right and that just leads to reason 1. Or if you and a enemy are running at each other face to face when you guys get close enough to the point that you can spartan charge into each other thruster backwards. As a human instincked they will spartan charge belive me they will they always do and because of the speed of thrusters and the ending frames has no lag the guy will miss you and go into 3 to 5 seconds of lag frames from there you can melee and start shooting.

  1. Betraying like i said with the thruster thing idnyou are fighting someone and lets say you notice an enemy coming from behind or someone calls it out they will go for spartan charge and just before they go for it, thruster left or right causing him to kill his own teamate (if he is hurt enough, or make him have no shields) and then he will be in lag frame so you can kill him or finish the last shot off the other guy and try finishing the other guy off for the double.

I think those reasons have much to proove why its not op. Yes its a death machine but easy to dodge so it can be countered and op stuff cant be countered

Sorry if there is any spelling errors

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Scrub charge*

I don’t mind it.

SC ruins map positioning which is a key factor to Halo.
I rarely get outgunned in a firefight, why should SC add a factor to that?
If I have the better accuracy/positioning, then I should win.

There is no “oh you gotta dodge the noob with the super melee” which I do in fact dodge.

But in a situation where you’re going 1v2, people run at you without a care and still kill you because you can’t dodge both.

It’s stupid tbh and I’ve wanted it out since launch.

Tell me, should I have deserved to die right there?

I literally just back up and keep shooting if I see somebody who is going to do it.

You can’t prevent a SC. Shooting doesn’t stop anything.

once theyre going at max sprint speed shooting doesn’t stop them.