Spartan Charge

I know this thread has been done a thousand times, but let’s talk about spartan charge. Some like it, some hate it, whichever side you are on, you probably still think its unbalanced.

The spartan charge removes the skill involved with close quarters fighting, and let’s people sprint around the map with their spartan charge finger ready, and more easily kill enemies.

I love the theory of the spartan charge, it adds a new flare to combat, as does the ground pound. But the ground po uhnd is balancedperfectly, where you have to charge it before you can use it. if you had to “charge” or “power up” your spartan charge like you do with the ground pound, and add a visual effect of a spartan with a ready spartan charge, then that would make it much more balanced. It would take away the internal question of “is he gonna charge me” when you get within 15 meters of someone.

I’m excited to see other opinions or ideas though, share yours.

I think it is just to op and an easy hey out of jail free card when sprinting around corners.

If the increased the delay from from when you can shoot and make it count as your thruster(I don’t know if it does, I hardly every use it) so it wpulls at least give a FAIR chance to the reciever, it would be better imo. I’m fine with it in game as a concept. Execution just needs some tweaking imho

There’s a recently active thread here that’s discussing this right now, feel free to add your thoughts there: