Spartan charge after falling!

Sprint than fall off a surface,and still able to spartan charge…?

When falling you would lose speed, and shouldn’t still be going fast enough to charge.

Unless falling is still considered springing.

You have a second ish to still perform the charge. I’ve jumped to get higher and then perform the SC perform. Same concept

Yeah that shouldn’t be possible.

Falling would decrease your forward momentum which isn’t exactly the same as speed. Gravity is an accelerator, so falling would increase your speed. Adding horizontal thrust would slow the descent of a vertical fall, but overall distance traveled would still be slightly increased by that. That’s two factors which increase speed and none which decrease it, because speed is measured by distance traveled in a given time. Basically, falling does not decrease speed, and being able to add thrust to a fall is completely rational. Edit: You could argue that air resistance has the ability to slow the speed of someone/thing, but that is highly dependent on aerodynamics.

Falling doesn’t actually change your forward speed. In theory, once airborne, you would maintain your forward speed unless acted upon by an opposing force. Barring a bit of air friction, you pretty much cruise along at the same speed. It’s the sudden downward vertical acceleration due to gravity that makes it SEEM like you’re no longer moving forward. Because physics.

I’m talking about larger drops, like the second floor of the garage to the ground, or off the spire.

What about directional momentum.

True your accelerating but the extra is downward.

You would lose foward momentum.