Spartan Call To Action OR: Take Back Your Opinion

(I just posted some of this on r/Halo and part of this on in another thread, but I felt like it needed to be said here too and expanded upon)

I know a lot of us are VERY passionate about this franchise. My favorite memories as an adolescent are of LANing 4 xboxes together across a friends house and play matches of CTF in Blood Gulch that went on for hours at a time. We have fond memories of the early titles and hold Chief in the highest of game character regards. We want the game to be good, we want to enjoy it, we want the hype to be worth it. Unfortunately, we want other people’s opinions on the thing we love to influence ours.

This is a sad tragic state of our favorite past time. We rely TOO MUCH on these big name clickbait sites to pick and choose what we love. Sites like IGNorant, Gamespot, Polygon, Destructoid, The Escapist, ECT (Yes, I know some of the sites I referenced have been very positive about the game) churn out opinion pieces that we hold in TOO high of value. More often than not, someone who might not even be fond of a certain genre gets stuck reviewing a game and they leave all objectivity out the door and let their personal feelings drive the end result. This can result in a scathing review of what might actually be a great game. Opposite of this could be the site or reviewer get some sort of compensation for their time by the developer or publisher. Examples of this can be the review camps Activision is known for, and most recently Konami. Another would be publishers threatening to no longer provider advanced or review copies if a game’s score goes under a certain number.

Too often we say, “I am never going to IGN again” and then we are right back there fighting in the comments section. This needs to stop. Grow up and stand by your conviction. Revolutions come from action, not words.

As reviews continue to come in, and comments get made remember a couple of things. The original Halo set a precedent for what a console shooter can be and the scrutiny it will be put under can be a bit too harsh sometimes. The landscape for console FPS was barren and fleeting at the time. Now, console FPS are made everyday and the market is flooded with them. Being “ground breaking” is tougher these days because it has all been done. Maybe we should all stop expecting the world to change over night and let is happen organically. If we stop expecting and pushing change, that will make it much better when it does happen. We will also stop being disappointed as much because we did build internal hype on our own accord.
Also, because the market is so saturated, Halo will always be compared to to other FPS and that will always hurt it. Reviewers will complain it is not like COD or Destiny or Battlefied because those are the games they like to play. This has already been seen by a Forbes article (which I will not post to keep them from getting hits) that stated Halo needs to be more like Destiny in structure. Game journalist have lost all sense of objectivity and no longer review based on the quality of the game. Personal feelings are being allowed to sway opinion and we have the power to stop it.

We should ALL set a precedent in the industry with this game and stop allowing these childish adults from making our minds up for us. Instead of listening to IGN or Gamespot or whoever, let us pay more attention to the people playing because they love it if you really need another opinion when making your purchase. If you are on the fence, tweet a streamer or ask a friend. Stop by the Sub Reddit and see what people ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME are saying. Most streamers and professional gamers have all been pretty unanimous that it is overall one of the best Halo games made while the people being paid to write a review for a series they probably do not give two -Yoink- about say things that contradict one another.

Let us just make a pact that when you launch that campaign that you do it for the love of Halo and make your own opinions. If the story does not float your boat, that is ok as long as YOU made that decision. From this point on, if a review site rubs you the wrong way stop going to it. Do not give them the hits, that is the ONLY WAY your opinion will truly be head. You can -Yoink- and moan in the comments section all you want but that is more numbers for their analyst to use to keep them doing what they are doing. The only way to make change and make your voice truly heard is to stop giving them attention and satisfaction.

So, who is with me? Even if I am the only one, I will stand by what I posted here.

In closing, remember that 343i made this game for us. They worked hard to do right and while there are some things missing people would have loved to had in the game, there are probably more things going on in the background we are not aware of. Our passion and love for Halo is what has kept the franchise alive.

Thank you for your time, thank you for your passion. Spartans, roll out.