Spartan Audio Log Glitch

So I noticed that some of the Spartan Audio logs and Armor Stashes are glitched out. Ive gotten almost all Logs and for some reason they dont show up in the Database. I cant reclaim or anything. Same with the Armor stash. It says I have 2 unfinished but the map is cleared.


Your not the only one, one of the last few achivements i need to 100% the game, but i cant till its fixed :confused:


i have the same problem,


Don’t use quick resume.

After your post was made, there was a small patch that should resolve to issue.


I found a fix, if it wasnt ready with last patch. So I created a new game save on normal. Reset game. Then loaded back into previous game and it all worked. But the symbol won’t show up sometimes on the map.

Same, I’ve noticed one stash on the last island is bugged and at least one audio log (Ringfall 08)

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What patch? I’m having this damn issue now, so apparently said patch did nothing.

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Are you playing online or offline?

Did you use quick resume to get back into the campaign?

Also, you won’t see the percentage completed under the achievement itself. You will have to look at the area of the map you want to find them and see how many are left.

Offline and onlin ewhen possible

When you play online, it could, but doubtfully bring up the tracker.

How’s everything else working?

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I’m having the same issue. Audio logs aren’t lighting up or beeping when I’m near them. Also, they don’t show up on the map and they’re not showing up in the database after I locate them.

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So I dont know if it was fixed or not butwhat i did. I started a new game on easy and was able to grab the ones that werent appearing.

Yup I’m having this issue with literally half of my Spartan logs…pretty frustrating. No word on any solution or acknowledgment

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I found a fix.

The locations for the category remain the same. But for example if you go to location 3 to find the first chapter, then chapter one will be unlocked from location 3 and not location 1. This leaves you to check location 1,2,4,5,6, etc. in order to get chapter 2, but location 3 is already searched.

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I appreciate the find and comment and this is only point to 343, but it’s not rlly a fix if you have to check every spot even ones you’ve got, just for the interaction to appear in a location it shouldn’t.