I’m posting on behalf of all the gamers out there who have had an issue with this achievement not unlocking. I’m sure like myself everyone put a lot of time into trying to unlock this beast of an achievement. I’m still trying multiple things to get it unlocked but nothing thus far has worked. So if there’s anything else that can be done about this issue please help 343. Thanks.

Is the Assault Ops counter showing 88/90 or 89/90? Are one or two of your A-1 Assault Ops totals above the supposed maximum? If so, then you are experiencing the Counter Glitch. The first post has workarounds, but they don’t work if you “bought” Spartan Assault via Games with Gold.

I summarize all I know about the glitch here. I agree with you that 343 needs to fix this, along with the 9 glitched Halo 4 achievements.

Yeah, unfortunately I got it through “games with gold”. It shows 88/90 complete. Pitching arm is 5/3 and sidearm slaughter is 170/50. So sad cause I only need 4 achievements across all the halo games and I was trying to finish them up before the Master Chief Collection came out. If worse comes to worse I might just have to erase all my work and start over from scratch.

As far as we can tell, there isn’t a way to reset your progress without using one of the workarounds. The workarounds require you to play offline, but Games with Gold won’t allow that. I suppose the only “solution” available to you right now would be to buy the game at $9.99. I’m not sure how you’d do that though, since the Marketplace will probably say you already own it and hence won’t give you the option to pay for it.

What if I bought the windows 8 version and played that? With that version only having you get 75 assault ops to unlock extra credit (with assault ops being shared between games at least from my understanding) would that maybe trigger an unlock on the xbox one version by chance? Or has this been tried before?

I don’t think that will work. Some players experiencing the glitch had the Windows 8 version already. I’m not sure if anyone has tried in the order you suggest (try to finish Xbox One, then play Windows 8), but I still don’t think that will work. AFAIK, each version doesn’t check the achievements in another version. They each just check stats on the server.

On the other hand, the Win 8 version is on sale for $1.99 until Thursday. Now that it’s an Universal App, you also get access to the Windows Phone 8 version for free. So while it probably won’t work, you’re only out two bucks.

For 360 I am going to try this after work.

  • copy my save to the cloud.
  • delete the hard drive save.
  • go offline (have Ethernet wire ready)
  • get 49 grunt kills with a magnum.
  • pause game put Ethernet cord in.
  • connect to Xbox live.
  • get 50th kill.

Has anyone try this would it work?

Mathguy42 - I bought HSA for windows 8 and tried playing the first level and I got quite a few other achievements but still no “extra credit” on either windows or xbox one. I was thinking maybe I could use a USB drive and move my xbox one save to that then start the game over and just finish the assault ops on A-1.

Unbrokensoul - I haven’t played 360 version but I’d say anything is worth a shot at this point. Let us know if you are successful.

Sgt Snowman - On Windows 8, completing a Weekly Challenge should unlock Extra Credit for you. On this page I explain how to unlock achievements assuming you’ve already finished another version.

unbrokensoul - I agree with Sgt Snowman that it’s worth a shot. I’m doubtful that it would work though. The Xbox One workarounds are taking advantage of the fact that the Achievements App does some tracking outside of the game itself. In those workarounds, the game thinks you are back at 0/90, but the Achievements App knows you just need to complete one or two more Assault Ops.

I got it!!! I unlocked the Extra Credit achievement on the Xbox One!!! I have Halo Spartan Assault through Games with Gold and I was experiencing the Extra Credit achievement glitch. Here are the steps I took to unlock it.

-In your Xbox One settings go to “Network” then “Go Offline”

  • Proceed to delete your Halo Spartan Assault game save CONSOLE ONLY!! (Although because I was offline already it didn’t give me the option to delete from the cloud)

-Load up Halo Spartan Assault and begin to get the Assault Ops you need on mission A-1

-Once you’ve completed your Assault Ops and are back at the main menu, from the Xbox One’s dashboard press “start” and “quit” Halo Spartan Assault

-Go back to the Xbox One’s settings and connect to the internet

-Being connected to the internet start up Halo Spartan Assault. When you press start at the main menu of the game it’ll proceed to ask you if you want to use the “old cloud save” or the “new offline save” <mark>JUST SIT THERE FOR ABOUT 60 SECONDS</mark> and it should unlock!!!

I really hope this can help all who are having trouble unlocking this pain of an achievement on the Xbox One. Thank you for all your help and support MathGuy42!! Good luck everyone, never give up!!

Glad you got it, Sgt Snowman, and thanks for posting your detailed steps. The strange thing is that it seems to basically be the same as Fix 2 in the first post of the Glitch thread. The only difference I see is your instruction to Go Offline in the Network settings. I hadn’t seen that option, so I was just suggesting to manually disconnect the Internet.

I didn’t think this would work with Games with Gold due to this player who got licensing errors when he tried the fixes. Perhaps your Go Offline makes a difference.

However, I am able to play Max: The Curse of Brotherhood when I manually disconnect the Internet. Perhaps the latest System Update made a difference.

Hello Sgt Snowman.

As MathGuy42 has posted, this glitch is a known issue. To keep the forums organized, please post any more issues or solutions you find in this thread.

I am happy to hear you’re sorted. I will lock this thread as there is a better thread to discuss this issue and the issue has seemingly been resolved for you. :wink: