Spartan Assault windows phone 8 glitches

Im running the game on my nokia lumia 920 and the game crashes like 10 minutes after i start it up, but when i start it again no problems. also on some missions it says take out the enemies and they don’t spawn. also when i stun a vehicle and try to jack it i just instantly die like it ran me over when its not even moving. and the last thing, not really a glitch but an improvement that could be made, the vehicle and grenade controls are kind of iresponsive and feel sloppy, it would be nice if you could add different or custumizable control scemes kind of like modern combat.

P.S. sorry about my grammer and spelling im trying to write this as quick as i can.

We are currently investigating some issues–can you specify what region you’re in?

alberta, canada

I’m also having issues on my HTC 8x. Crashes ALOT. Also randomly throws grenades for no reason. Great game but needs some tweaking.

Also having some issues on my HTC 8X. I’m in the U.S. on Verizon (obviously). Crashes when in the middle of missions randomly…which also seems to happen when I run a rather high score, which is inconvenient.

I’ve also noticed random grenade throws but I just thought it was the marines with me who were throwing the grenades. If its a glitch, of course I’m sure you guys will work on a fix. But if it’s the marine AI, then I guess I will just have run far enough head to not lose out on the points.

Major issue is the crashing though. Including replays of some missions to get gold medals and challenges completed, I estimate I’ve played 15 “missions”. During those, I’ve had 2 crashes which is a relatively high percentage.

I’m still having problems signing in on my htc 8x. I live in UK. Any help, so, I’m able to play the game would be most appreciated.