Spartan Assault Win8: Severe Graphical Errors

Following the recent update I am no longer experiencing the crash on startup issue, but now I’m having a new problem. When loading the game the various logo screens appear heavily distorted and upon reaching the main menu the game is completely non-functional. The menu screen is highly distorted, the cursor is invisible, and nothing can be selected. Audio is fine however. Also, as before the game is functional (performance aside) with display drivers disabled.

Here is a screen grab of my menu:

And here is my DxDiag if necessary:

Unfortunately not able to open that link. Which graphics card do you have?

Huh, weird. The links seems to be fine now though, just checked on a couple devices.


Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family - GMA 3100

It’s a pretty old integrated chip. :\

For some reason our network won’t let us navigate to it. Could be a certificate on the website is throwing up some red flag. No worries.

Just to make sure, you’ve updated all the drivers etc and tried the workarounds suggested in the original crash thread as well?

Strange. :\ Anyway, yeah, everything is up-to-date and as far as I can tell none of the workarounds are applicable to my system.

So, not to sound impatient (I know that these issues take time to resolve), but can I expect any sort of news or even for this particular problem to be fixed at all? I understand that this is likely a very isolated issue (I’ve only seen two other people with this issue, at least one which has the exact same chip as my own) so I get that it might not be plausible or even possible to fix. But combined with the original crash-on-load issue this game has been completely unplayable for me since I bought it at launch over a month ago… If it can’t be fixed, can I expect at least a full refund? I’m not asking for one just yet because I’m still holding out hope, but at this point I feel it would be prudent to at least inquire…

Following the new update the issue still persists… Is there any chance I can get some sort of update?

Out of curiosity, have you been able to install the update that went out today?

Yes. Finished installing it shortly before my post today and checked if things were different by any chance. Outside of playing the intro cinematic with Roland again (which I assume is related to the cloud storage issues?) nothing has changed.

So… Anything? I’ve been able to play by installing the Windows 8.1 Preview on another PC, but that’s not exactly ideal, and more importantly it won’t last forever…

> For some reason our network won’t let us navigate to it. Could be a certificate on the website is throwing up some red flag. No worries.

If it helps, here’s a description of the image for you guys:

The border of the image is bright cyan, with two black squares in opposite corners (top-left, bottom-right) and cyan squares in the other two corners. The middle portion is divided almost in half, with the top section having a dark teal background and the bottom section being solid black. Everything is in solid colors – no textures or effects of any kind are visible, save for the one described in the next paragraph.

Overlaid over the dark teal section, some snippets of text are visible in black font. Some are bordered by a faint effect that looks like it should be a glow, except that it’s darker, not lighter (perhaps because the text is black). The text is as follows, with comments in brackets:


SIGN OUT [upper-right; glow]

XBOX GAMES [to right of previous; glow; cyan square covers “MES”]


STATUS: ONLINE [left; glow]

START [left-center; large]

TUTORIAL [below previous]

So I guess I’m just out of luck on this issue? :\

Well, I reuploaded the text and image to pastebin and tinypic just in case…

According to your dxdiag, you’re using a Dell Vostro 200, correct? I don’t believe that system comes with Windows 8 preinstalled. Did you install your own copy of Windows 8?

I wasn’t able to find any Windows 8-specific drivers for your graphics card. You could try these Windows 7 drivers from Intel’s website though. If those drivers don’t work either, it may be that your graphics card’s drivers are incompatible with Windows 8.

Hahah, my computer came with Windows XP installed (though it was actually a while after Vista released). :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, I installed it myself, but my drivers are all completely up-to-date and are actually more recent than the ones available on Intel’s site ( from 10/1/2012 vs from 10/2/2009).

Thanks though!

Thanks for being patient, WhiteRabbit, this is something we are still looking into at this time as we gather more info.

So… It’s been another month… Can I expect some sort of update soonish?

We believe this issue is related to the age of the original computer–this is something we are working to resolve, but unfortunately it will be quite some time until this fix is deployed. We apologize for the incredible inconvenience and we will keep everyone updated with our progress.

I was afraid age was the issue. :\ It’s reasonable given the age of my PC at release, it just sucks that at the time there was no way for me to know until after purchasing it… Ok, well, thanks for the update. I guess I’ll just go back to playing the waiting game.