Spartan Assault Steam Input Method Issue

I just purchased Halo: Spartan Assault on my Windows 8.1 laptop through Steam today. The game will boot just fine and it runs through the splash screens all the way through the games cutscene intro, then when I get to the input method screen to select my choice of input, I cannot select the inputs I have. It shows me that I have touchscreen input available but I do not have a touchscreen laptop. I do however have my gaming keyboard and mouse plugged into my laptop(Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, and Razer Naga in case it’s relevant) and it shows the input method is highlighted and available, but I cannot select it. I don’t see a mouse cursor on screen. Pressing the enter key seems to do nothing. The same issue happens if I plug in my wireless Xbox 360 controller/wireless dongle adapter. The controller input method will show up alongside the other two, but I can’t select an input method still. I have tried restarting the game with nothing plugged in, getting to the input screen then plugging the keyboard&mouse, and the Xbox 360 controller, both will light up, but input method selection is still impossible. I have also tried verifying my games file cache(which resulted in file validation with no issue) and deleting the local files and doing another complete install. The issue still persists, and I am stuck with no way to move past the screen where you slect the input method before you’re allowed to start the game.

I have the exact same problem. Help would be appreciated.

We are currently investigating this issue. Thank you for your patience.

I have the same issue too. Let me know if you want me to help troubleshoot it on my end.

We have released what we believe to be a fix for this issue. Please install the update and let us know if you’re still experiencing this issue.

Game seems to be working great now. Thanks for all of your hard work Dev team!

fyi this is my first Halo game and I look forward to trying the FPS versions.

Happy to hear you’re sorted! :slight_smile: