Spartan Assault Extra Credit wont unlock

Hi, I have Spartan Assault on W8 and Xbox One. I have been working on the challenges and finally completed them all (90/90) today on the W8 version. When I went to sync with the Xbox One version to get the achievement on that game, my challenged had not updated. Yesterday when I went to update the Xbox One version it did update. I had done 30 some challenges on the W8 version. Before syncing it showed 50/90, then I turned the game on and it showed 82/90. So I went back on the W8 version, finished the last 8 challenges, but it wont update on the Xbox One version. It is still showing 82/90.

To try to remedy this I have:

  • shut power off to Xbox completely and restart
  • delete game save, disconnect internet, start Spartan Assault back up, reconnect to internet.
  • check the W8 version, still showed 82/90. Then started the Xbox One version with and without the W8 version running.

Have you tried redoing any of the 8 remaining Assault Ops? While annoying, redoing the 8 you need might be the easiest solution.