Spartan Assault Crash

So I’m seeing I’m not the only one with the problem of the game crashing is this just isolated to IPhone7 or is it other phones I swear if this doesn’t get fixed I’m gonna demand my money back they were quick to take my money but their game was quick to screw me over really disappointed I was really excited about finally being able to play Halo on the go

I have an iPhone 6s and the Same thing happens to me, i tried deleting and reinstalling and it crashed on me again, 343 needs to make an update to fix this problem

My iphone 7 has the same problem, instantly crashes and i can’t play it at all. I’ve considered doing the same thing and getting refunded but i would rather them fix it. i guess we just need to keep pushing the issue. I originally posted about it a couple MONTHS ago and it has yet to be resolved, what gives?

I assume the reason it is taking a long time to get resolved is due to a lack of 343 members tasked with fixing issues like this. The issue has probably been acknowledged, however at this point in time focus is on the main game series. There isn’t enough demand for the game to be fixed that would paint 343 in a negative light. I hope it gets fixed for you guys.

I have the same issue, i have an iPhone 6s, I can’t play the game, I just downloaded but always crash.

Ok is there anyone on the forum who has an iphone which can successfully run the games without crashing?