Spartan assault and strike

What are these 2 games?

They are twin sticks / top down shooters. If that’s what you were wondering.

They are niche top down shooters designed to bring halo to mobile. They didnt exactly take off but didnt outright flop either. I enjoyed them and think they’re worth th $5 or whatever they cost. The console versions are cool to.

They dont follow chief but follow Palmer and another spartan named Davis

I have played Spartan Assault. It’s a top down perspective shooter. It’s not in first person like the mainline Halo games. I had fun playing through it the first time, but going back to it after a while, it’s more boring than fun. You are able to activate skull modifiers. which can make the game more difficult and interesting. There’s also a co-op mode where you can play with a friend online only. It’s a short set of five levels, where you fight against the parasitic Flood. I actually had more fun playing this mode than the single-player. I guess that makes sense, since playing with a friend is always fun in any game.