Spartan as profile picture

I have been thinking about the many still missing features of the new waypoint the other day, and I was wondering why we can’t even use our personal Infinite Spartan as a profile picture?

343 wants us to get connected with our Spartan over the next few years but so far little has been done to achieve that. Sure the game is not fully out yet, but I have a feeling not all too much will change any time soon. At least not on Waypoint or its app. From a business perspective, it would be coherent. We are supposed to spend money on looking cool, so give us more options to show it 343, please.

Anyone else has any idea on how to improve options to really show off our avatars?


It can be done, but not by any means in a convenient way. They should have something like this for sure.

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Wait… how do we even change our profile pics? My xbox pic doesn’t transfer to my forum avatar…

Mine did it automatically when i went into my settings and stuff… try there?

Mine won’t change now, weird.

Got it! Log in and out until it changes