Spartan armoury

I had purchased 6 of the new Spartan armoury req packs and only got 1 skin each pack with req points and want to know why this happened or can the points be re added into my account or something

I beleive if you don’t have your REQs completed then you won’t get 5 skins per pack, but you should be getting at least 2 per pack

I purchased 3 Spartan armoury packs with req points and only received 2 skins and 3 5000 req point cards per pack, I have all other items unlocked, once I sold enough cards in my collection to have enough to purchase another pack I then received 5 skins in the pack.
Is there a reason for this?
would this also mean I should have received 3 req cards for 16000 as this is the amount each skin would cost in the first 3 packs opened.