Spartan Armory Reqs

do we know if anything in the pack is only found in the packs, such as the 343 skins? Will we be able to get them when the pack is gone? Or are we expected to buy a bunch of packs for them before they’re unobtainable again?

These skins are only obtainable from this pack currently, but all should be available by other means before summer. I’m thinking:

343i skins-might not be able to get them

Noble Team skin-beat reach on legendary

Blue team skin-beat halo 5 on solo legendary

Fireteam osiris skin-beat halo 5 on legendary co-op

ODST skin-beat halo 3:odst on legendary

Spirit of fire skin-beat halo wars on legendary

Sharktooth Grin/UNSC-probably get them through regular req packs

Seriously there needs to be rewards for special achievements otherwise no one respects your Spartans design

It makes a lot more sense to work for special items than to pay for/randonly get them.