Spartan Armory: Plz give me points and skins 343

I had everything unlocked prior to getting the new pack. The first sentence is just just state that i should have gotten 5 skins per pack, I only received 2 skins per pack along with req point cards.

Now i had almost 300k, about 290ish. I bought 4 packs. I know the math doesnt look right but i was able to get the 4th pack because i was getting like 15k back per pack i think.

343i please give me the skins that i should have gotten and the amount of req points that was overpaid. So if it only takes 3 packs max for a player that has all reqs unlocked then give me my 80 or 160k req points back. i have no idea on the numbers or how many packs total. please 343i fix this.

I had the same problem, bought 3 packs and only received 2 skins and 3 req point cards in each pack.
after selling hundreds of req cards I did receive 5 skins in the following two packs but this has destroyed my collection and req point balance.

I think we should have been receiving 16000 rp card not 5000 rp cards as this is basically the cost of each skin.

I would hope 343 would at least reimburse us the rp

My last pack purchased have me one weapon skin and four 1500 point cards even though I had everything unlocked except 3 weapon skins. Even after the point cards, I still don’t have enough points to buy another pack, but I need the last two weapon skins “Sharktooth grin” and should have gotten two of those instead of 2 of the 1500 req point cards. 343i can you help?