Spartan armor not matching to Waypoint

When I first used Halo Waypoint my spartan was the default recruit armor even though I was currently wearing different types of armor in-game. After various attempts to pix it it’s just no use, on this site my armor refuses to change, someone please help.

  • Testsubject276

Have you had a chance to check out the FAQ yet? =)

I changed my armor but my Spartan on Halo Waypoint hasn’t updated. Why?
4GB consoles: Halo 4 uses the hard drive to cache and store the altered image and save that image to our services used by Waypoint to display the update. Unfortunately without a hard drive, this update process does not occur.

If you do not have a 4GB console and are still experiencing this issue, make sure you are changing your Spartan armor in the main lobby and not during the search phase.

As of a couple days ago, it seems that Waypoint has stopped updating my armor configurations for Reach. Nothing to do with HD or menu screens, it just plain stopped doing it. Just a heads up :slight_smile:

Hey BB 604,

In the future, since this is a different issue, feel free to make a new thread. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we’ll look into it.

Looks like you have a very recent render of your Spartan showing up. That it had been last changed about the day you posted–are you still seeing issues?

Ive had the same problem for a while now

I have the same problem, but I know it is because of the 4GB console. However, does it make a difference if you are using a USB 32GB Drive for saving things??

No, a USB drive will not substitute for the Hard drive in this case.

cheezy, if you’re referring to the Reach Spartan and NOT the Halo 4 Spartan, can you try just changing the color, save and report back the results?

We hope the reason we haven’t heard back from you is because your issue has been resolved. If your issue has not been resolved, please start a new thread.