Spartan, are you Distracted on The Battlefield?

I said, are you distracted on the battlefield? Because I cannot have you compromised. I need every member of this strike team to be on their game.

Ignore the cat ears, samurais, and breathe. Focus. Remember you’re a super soldier, Spartan.

Is that clear?


Cat ears, rabbit ears. They all die the same to me .



What did you mean to say?


It’s all about the cat ears! I can still sweat and play to win even looking like a little kitty cat! Meowwww! Hiss!

O-orders unclear, Commander. I cannot explain it, as soon as I saw the ears I was overcome with rage, years of training dissolved in a single moment. I couldn’t think. I was already shooting at them, hitting them. A member of our striketeam!

Commander, I am ashamed to ask. The ears, are they Forerunner technology? With this tech on the battlefield, we cannot realistically complete any objectives. We are too compromised, too vulnerable…


You have kitten in your gamertag. Plus, I think the cat ears were some of the most popular sop items ever. (I also got them 100%)


A true disappointment to the liter kitty cat. May the swinging toys and rattling balls not distract you while out on the battlefield next time. Good luck.