Spartan Advocate is now Recruiting

This is a brand new spartan comp. We accept new and older players to halo 5. We need players that know how to have fun and be competitive while being a positive team player. Please join me to get us started and to grow. With your help we will have fun.we currently only have myself in this comp. Here we will treat our members fair and with respect. Everyone starts out some were and for the first 4 members to join will get high ranks in this spartan comp…help me and we can help each other earn rewards you can only get from a spartan company just simply message me here and I’ll send you an invite thank you have fun and hope to join you on the battlefield

Hey there chief I’m interested in your clan as I have not been in one since halo 2, my gamertag is,
I’ve played competitive in my younger years, I like to keep it chill and have a good time when I play and hope to surround myself with others that want the same kind of environment. Look forward to your invite.