Spark Syndicate (READ THIS)

The Spark Syndicate also known as {SS} for short, is a halo reach military based clan that is involved in many games of which is mainly halo reach. I and the rest of the Spark Syndicate have come here to share our propostion, join us and take part in a massive movment to bring halo reach back to the popularity it deserves. The Spark Syndicates “Noble” leader who is lII FireFly IIl (me) leads this army that grows each day and even has ambition of “perhaps” becoming one of the most powerful “active” clans of halo reach with over 2000 strong. Our goal is to rewrite halo reach in our name and make it better than ever. those who don’t believe in my cause I politely ask you to step aside. Even if you belong to another clan feel free to ally with us and share the glory but We as a Syndicate have no tolorence for immaturity, disrespect and above all those who stand in our way. Join our ranks today and take part in one of the Largest movments halo reach has ever known, For our revolution has only begun!

for more information or to contact us Directly visit: