Spare a code?

I still haven’t received my code yet. I am about to be a 50, and I don’t want to be stuck with Wetwork/Operator.

If you’re not going to use your code, please PM me it.

Thank you guys

I fulfilled all criteria and am stuck without a code 343 doesn’t care…can someone spare some codes so the purchase wasn’t a waste? I’m fairly good so I’ve mastered a lot of commendations already. Without the codes I’m basically missing half of the game.

I have one code and am willing to trade it for armor or avatar items (or anything else you might have that i might find value in except double xp)

so im a buyer of the LE Halo 4 no big deal right… i get an email stating something like “thank you for being part of xbox live for so long here is a free gift from us” so i instantly go and then click a link takes me to xbox page im like kool its a code i hope its something for my avatar… bam its a specilazation code =[ i was soo pissed off cuz i could of given it to someone who needed it… so i hate myself today for it… now let this be a warning the email that xbox sends out dont state anything at all about halo 4 or what the gift is for no descripcion at all …