Flashback to September 14th 2010. The release of Halo Reach. Bungie’s last ever Halo game with amazing graphics, visuals and gameplay! Boy did they leave us a treat, it was my most enjoyed game that year and I played it for months. Long Night Of Solace is one my most favourite missions of any halo game to date. That extreme hype when you realise you can actually fly the thing with at ton of missiles and heavy guns for mowing down Covenant phantoms and banshees. Now I want you to picture HALO 5s gorgeous visuals with the smooth 60fps and the remastered classic epic halo music (fingers crossed). Then picture going into a new mysterious game type where you and your friends team up against an entire Covenant fleet!

  • Command UNSC frigates into battle!- Also command other smaller ships such as the pelican or the broadsword from halo 4.What would make this even more Badass if you could move around on there decks and control onboard turrets and cannons. The destruction physics would we realistic too and very impressive with HALO 5s engine. An AI such as Roland could assist you to attack weak spots of the Covenant carriers. I could go on and on about my ideas. It would be awesome if 343 industries had a go at this what do you guys think?


That be cool.

One person on each team controls the flagship and its main weaponry. Everyone else, can walk inside the ships, either use the ships secondary weapons or get to the hangers and engage in space. The goal can vary on gametype.

Slayer, kill most enemies. Using the ships cannons and the space capable ships to attack.

Ship destruction. this can be done in two ways (maybe three), Flagship can break the shield of the enemy ship and destroy (this takes a long time) or teammates can enter the enemy ship and turn of the shields (faster but someone can turn them back on) or break the shield generators permanently. Allowing the flagship to destroy the enemy ship. Or teammates can enter the ship and hunt the ships core, this can take a while to bust it. You could also take a payload to the core but this will require you to have teammates to guard you and to get there a teammate will have to fly you in a pelican/phantom/spirit or some other form of troop carrier.

CTF. speaks for itself.

Ship capture. Similar to Ship destruction but the goal in to take the opposing command centre and hold it for a set amount of time. If you destroy the ship you don’t win or lose but you also don’t gain any ranking points or bones exp.

Detonation. Similar to Destruction but flagship shields don’t break, ever. this requires teams to place bombs all over the enemy ship, blowing it up from within. Maybe 6-8 bombs needed but only two or three bombs exist at a time for each team to use. The pilots of the flagships and individuals using the ships external weaponry can see enemy payloads when the explosives are traveling in space, but all other players can’t see it and will need to rely on call outs. once that bomb is on the ship its location is lost.

If teams are huge it could be The Infinity vs a supercarrier, two Pillar of Autumn class ships vs two Covie cruisers. three frigates vs three corvettes

The vehicles used could vary from single person fighters to troop carriers

Would support it.

Halo deserves space battles.

Long Sword > X Wing

I love the idea but it sounds like it’s from Star Wars battlefront 2 but I would still like it and if a PS2 game could run surely an Xbox One game could run it.

Rtas 'Vadum approves.

My heart says YES.

But the covi ship calcs say no…

Shut up and take my money!

Also: boarding parties. Boom.

I think this is a must for Halo 5.