Spaartan ops theatre

I can see all the temporary games (although that click thumb stick had me confused for a bit) but I want a nice screenshot of my custom colour and can’t see my Spartan ops available for theatre replay…anyone know anything about this?

Neither Spartan Ops nor Campaign support Theatre.

In the last Weekly Bulletin before release, they mentioned that this is a feature that was broken and couldn’t make ship, and they MAY patch it in later. But they were highly non-specific.

Thanks dude, gutted tbh I need a way to get custom colours for a screenshot…hope they patch it soon…

I understand your pain man i caught the coolest screenshot worthy frame in spartan ops when i assassinated a knight. i dont know what it was but the combination of the incoming grenades bloom and the sparks the knight threw as he died was master piece worthy.

such artistic brilliance…

then again i was dissapointed when i saw i couldn’t see my clip :frowning:

Make a custom game, select Infinity Slayer.

Go to game type options, disable teams, and play ball.

Just run around a bit, pose somewhat awesomely, then make a screenshot via theater.

Thanks guys, yeah its such a shame. I think we all feel the sane…that the screenshots have the most artistic feel and freedom like no other game!