SP code redeem

I got the Sp code and wrote it down, when I went to enter the code it came up as invalid. I then called Xbox live support to make sure that it was’t invalid and they said it was. I would like to continue unlocking new gear and levels and was wondering if there was anyway of receiving a new code?

By any chance, do you still have the email containing the code? There should be a link in it that allows you to redeem it without having to write it down.

I was never sent an email

> I was never sent an email

Do you still have the Xbox LIVE message that contained the Specialization code? If so, double check it.

i deleted it on accident

> i deleted it on accident

You’re out of luck them I’m afraid.

Thats BS when i never get a conformation email… like i bought this game midnight played it since and now youre gonna say that im stuck at level 70… you can honestly say this is your best effort?

I was sent a code but i no idea how to redeem it could u guys help me out

i have also accidentally deleted the message also but you have to email 343 industries and they’ll send your code again but idk how to

if you can git the email can you post it for all of us \