Greetings, Halo 5 players! I have come to offer those who are of a higher caliber acceptance into the Sovereign Guard.
The Sovereign Guard is a prestigious all Elite Clan formed in late 2004. The Guard was made as a safe haven for all Elite players that wish to win in an organized environment with like minded people.

What We Offer:
Regular Matchmaking Sessions
__A Professional website accurately depicting our clan and clan information
____Halo Sangheili inspired ranking system.
__High level respectable members
____Command Structure
__Clan Matches and Clan Events
To join the Sovereign Guard and correctly meld into our ranks you must meet the following requirements.

Clan Requirements:
____Must consistently contribute to the team. We understand some players die a lot doing important things for other players. You are judged by usefulness not KD
__Must be Fourteen years of age or older. Most Guard members are 18+ if you are mature we wont have an issue with you.
____Must agree to follow a command structure. Orders are given by officers before and during matches.
__Must be able to learn and practice call outs during matches.
__*__Must use an Elite character Model when possible.

Sovereign Guard Clan Site

Nice! I’ll be joining. :slight_smile: