Sovereign Guard Clan Recruiting Mature Players

Greetings Halo Elite players I have come to offer those Sangheili who are of a higher caliber acceptance into the Sovereign Guard.
The Sovereign Guard is a prestigious all Elite Clan formed in late 2004. The Guard was made as a safe haven for all Elite players that wish to win in an organized environment with like minded people.

What We Offer:
Regular Matchmaking Sessions including: Big Team Battle, Social Slayer, Social Skirmish and Squad Battle
__A Professional website accurately depicting our clan and clan information
____Halo Sangheili inspired ranking system.
__High level respectable members
____Command Structure
__Clan Matches and Clan Events
To join the Sovereign Guard and correctly meld into our ranks you must meet the following requirements.

Clan Requirements:
____Must consistently contribute to the team. We understand some players die a lot doing important things for other players. You are judged by usefulness not KD
__Must be Fourteen years of age or older. Most Guard members are 18+ if you are mature we wont have an issue with you.
____Must agree to follow a command structure. Orders are given by officers before and during matches.
__Must be able to learn and practice call outs during matches.
__*__Must be an Elite Character Model at all times.(Due to team killing and signaling out we allow our members to be Spartan in MLG,SWAT, Team Snipers, Machinima and while taking Screen Shots) This is obviously impossible to enforce now on Halo 5 for obvious reasons but remains as a reminder of our heritage

We Are Not a Group!
Unlike the majority of Elite Players on Halo 3 we are not ten year old Lieutenants. We are not a group when you join this Clan you will be part of our community yes,but we can honestly care less how much you post on our forums as long as your active on Xbox Live. You will earn your rank not by how much you post but on how well you do in Battle and if you meet each rank requirements.
If you are interested in joining the Sovereign Guard or have any questions you can always add me on Xbox Live Erdu Cololee.

Sovereign Guard Clan Site

Seems like a neat idea.

> 2533274930573377;2:
> Seems like a neat idea.

Thanks you should join up with us see if you like it.

Many of us will be on this Saturday starting around 7PM ET.

If your interested in seeing what we’re about reply here or send me and Erdu a message on Waypoint or XBL.