South/Latin American Players

Hello everyone. I’m from Ecuador, and I want to get to know other people from Latin America or more specifically, South America, spanish speakers if possible.
That does not mean at all that US people can chat here, I really hope to get to know people I can play with.

This is mosly because though I can understand you english-speaker guys very well, I’d love to create (or become a member) of a company fueled by spanish speakers.

I’m open to play with anyone to both learn to play in a team, help others learn to do the same, and improve my/ours skills in combat. I started playing two weeks ago after 2 years since my 360 died. In that time i just tried the H4 multiplayer for two weeks with the 14 free trial (there is no official support for my country so I had to make my way into Xbox Live Gold via buying a code on amazon last week). But I’m glad because I’ve improved a lot since I started, and I’m sure that playing amongst well-balanced teammates can be a lot better than just wait for the system to pair you.

that’s it for now, I hope you answer.

Anyone from Everywhere