South America players migrated to USA's servers

Hi! So, I’m a halo player since Halo 3 and I simply love it! I live in São Paulo, Brazil and recently 343 decided to put an end to the brazillian dedicated servers and migrated all players from Brazil, Argentina, Chile etc… To the american servers. There is actually a good side on that, we are now able to find much more faster full matches on the matchmaking. But on the down side, Arena becomes really hard to play it, especially to me that my main mode is SWAT. Titanfall uses the same MS’s servers as Halo does and it gives the player the option to choose the server’s region since its launch, why not halo do it as well? I simply can’t take seriously the “competitive” factor on Arena anymore, not with this delay =/. (I did not know where to post these kind of topic, so I just posted it twice in the forum, here and on the matchmaking feedback section)

Please 343, I would like to see a response from you.


Do not believe it, because they sell games to the world and then make that kind of attitude, I started playing Halo 5 since launch and have never had any problem more started out updates and aee already seen ne a problem behind the other.
As we? Bought the video game, we pay live all this gold to have a good multiplayer and with each update it gets cad time mies hard.

Im from Argentina and the lag really ruins my experience! Ive been playing since launch but stopped a month ago due to this high latency issue. Please 343 GIVE US AN ANSWER I LOVE THIS GAME BUT THE LAG MAKES ME cry