Source View gone?

I haven’t viewed the site on desktop in a while, but the Source View option for typing replies is missing when using Google Chrome on mobile, even when on the desktop site. This is kind of a problem, because the rich-text editor makes my autocomplete and autocorrect both crap their pants. (I now have a lot of half-words in my dictionary thanks to Waypoint…)

Also text selectioN on some phones is the worst thing ever, so relying on the BBCode buttons for formatting is just… I haven’t even bloody tried it.

What version are you running? I’m 39.0.2171.95 (64bit) on my Macbook Pro and Windows 8.1 laptop and I see the option on both. What I did find though, is that on both Win and Mac laptops under Chrome, I can’t click into the text area to type anything. The only way I can type anything is if I used source view to add a character, then I was able to type again. Have a feeling that issue has already been reported somewhere though

Chrome 39.0.2171.93 on Android 4.4.4. Only buttons for me are bold, italic, numbered list, bulleted list, and that super secret moderator-only button. There is no good reason at all to hide the Source View button.

Can’t focus the rich-text editor for typing unless I touch the first line. This is a common problem with these kinds of editors on many platforms, related to how browsers size the actual editable portion of the IFRAME. It’s likely the issue you’re having, too.

Just figured out that the Source View button is one of those that get hidden if the window size is too small. That’s bloody dumb.

Source View is the one button whose existence can (more than) make up for the absence of all other buttons. You can hide any other button you want without denying the user any critical functionality, as long as you leave Source View available.