Soundtrack Sample

The Halo 4 soundtrack sample is two different Halo 4 music tracks mixed together.
In my opinion the sample track sounds great and still sounds like Halo. I really like the main part and the ending is suspenseful and creepy. I think 343 are on the right track for the sound of Halo.

What are your thoughts on the sample track?

Do you think it still sounds like Halo?

If you haven’t heard it yet check it out here:
Halo 4 Soundtrack Sample

The soundtrack sounds great and i think it sounds like Halo.

I would be lying if I said it sounds like Halo. This far I have only heard one song that really has the Halo sound we have heard for ten years. But the lack of that sound isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The soundtrack sample is still good even though it doesn’t exactly sound like Halo. But I do hope we get to hear a few more bit familiar sounds in the game.