Sounds merge for halo infinite and Sounds upgrade for halo 5

The sound in halo infinite is on point, please upgrade halo 5 with the same sounds!
For example the magnum sounds like a toy gun.
But for infinite please use also the sounds of halo 5, like reloading a gun, ambiance, ect. That’s dope! It’s more alive when playing halo 5, would see and hear that also in halo infinite instead only hearing the computer gaming unit :sweat_smile:

Halo intentie progress system is dead, my battle pass is 100 so I’m forced to play H5, why 343, why!!! After 6 years this?

I really highly doubt they’ll spend their time on stuff like that for Halo 5. Would you rather they be spending time on that instead of Infinite?

They spend time on Halo MCC…

Right, which is our only connection to original bungie games… I’m not surprised that they aren’t focused on Halo 5, it’s practically the least popular game in the series.

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So you think? Halo 5 rules!