Sounds in Halo 4 and 5

Does anyone else prefer the sounds in Halo 4 to the ones in Halo 5? While some sounds I kind of like that they changed (The Banshee) but the quality of the sounds is sort of horrible compared to Halo 4.

For starters the armour sounds like it’s made of plastic and makes a kind of clicking sound. You don’t sound like you even do damage with assassinations either. Listen to the Halo 4 kick assassination and the one now. You don’t even sound like you’re hurting them never mind that when you’re boot meets their back it barely makes a sound.

Another one would be that the Covenant weapons have devolved into a generic ‘pew’ e.g. the Carbine. Even worse is the Needler sound. One that I hate that they changed is the Mantis. It sounds totally pathetic compared to it’s Halo 4 version.

The machine guns really grind my gears too. The Mantis and Warthog guns used to sound meaty and powerful but now they sound soft.

Overall I just feel that the sound quality is totally inferior and many things are just generic and lazy.

[Rant over. Leave thoughts below.]

Even to make the effects worse the Spartans and enimies look like plastic. The covenant doesn’t even bleed anymore.
I would much prefer the Halo 2 Anniversary sounds though. To me they are probably the best out of the other games and sound like real guns.
P.S You make two threads on this.

I do not like the new Covie weapon sounds. They seem more like old timey sci-fi ray guns then super heated plasma weapons. Too much pew pew.

The BR sounds gutless, the Pistol sounds like it should have a little more oomph too it (not like the CE pistol, though, somewhere in between). The DMR is pretty good, but could use a bass boost. Heck, all of the weapons could use an increase in the lower end frequencies, as they all just sound gutless.