Sound like a reasonable Ranking System?

Ok so a lot of people liked the system in halo 3 with the 1-50 but most people that didn’t like it was because you HAD TO WIN to gain exp. And to rank up you had to earn a higher highest skill. How about we just keep the 1-50 system but make it so you don’t have to win to gain xp and you can still get grade 2,3,4 of your rank just by getting xp.The only problem may be that with you needing rank to get armor. But how about they make it like halo 3 in a since that rank didn’t matter to unlock armor. People may have a problem with it but did anyone really have a problem with it in Halo 3? I guess you would have to had played Halo 3 but this way it appeals to casual and more competitive players.

Here’s a simple solution: have 2 “ranks” in Halo 4. You have a skill rating number based on the Trueskill system (or something similar). Basically, a visual representation of skill in relation to the online population.

The second rank is purely experience based. Experience is gain in each match, based on:

  • Completing the match (10%)
  • Objectives completed(90%)
  • Win Bonus

Or just have a social and ranked playlist again

Or how about a rank based on more than kills, wins, and losses, how about using things like assists, headshots, assassinations and etc. Assign a value to every possible action in game with win being highest kill being second, weapon accuracy third, style of kill fourth, assists fifth, splatters sixth, divers seventh and so forth. With the advent of medals I don’t think we can look at rank as black and white as win/loss or kill/death.