Sound does not come back after pause

Hi everyone.
I have recently bought the digital version Halo Mater Chief Edition, basically to catch up to Halo 5 in a couple of weeks as i played all halo games bar 4.
But I am having a problem.
Any time I pause H4 whether its for 2 seconds or 20 minutes the sound does not resume when the game does. Both music and SFX.
Is there a fix or is it just one of a long line of bugs 343 need to fix?
Thanks in advance,

no, this happens constantly to me with the dashboard update and MCC - i have to turn off my controller and turn it back on almost every game sometimes- and then i cant hear the party chat people still so i have to leave that and rejoin that too- very annoyed…

bumping. please fix this, 343. Sound will often disappear for good when you pause the game. Doesn’t happen every time, but often enough that it’s an obvious bug. The only way to get it back is to return to the main menu and start the game over. Have experienced this in both spartan ops and Halo 4. Don’t know about the other games yet. But wow. over a year now and. wow.