sound dampener = H3 odst/H2A silenced smg

Think about it. All silenced weapons in the classic games had an added scope, which would be useless unless range was increased. So, assuming extra range was added as my theory suggests, the H5 sound dampener, or at least the SMG variant, is a classic silenced weapon. That must be where the idea came from, and thus must, in a way, count as a classic weapon variant. Thoughts?

The Sound dampener pistol variant is basically the ODST pistol, it even has classic zoom, the ODST SMG technically had ADS bullet spread was a little bit less when zoomed just like the H5 SMG, so it is possible but I kinda want them to add in the ODST SMG with the classic zoom so I can complete the load out, plus the ODST one looks awesome with it’s extended stock and longer suppresser and red holo sight.

I loved using the ODST pistol in a game of Firefight. Had me saying “Bip, bap, BAM!”