Sound bug with RUS locale for Xbox One

Hello guys.
Today I found very strange bug inside Halo 4 from Halo:MCC. When your console switched to RUS locale all voices inside game is disappearing. I mean sound effects like walking, shooting etc are present but voices(cortana speech or UNGGOY’s posthumous squeal, etc) are switched off. In EN locale all working like expected. I have searched in the audio settings, but there is no switch for audio tracks or something like that.

Got the same problem with the german version too. Cortana talks to me, but I can’t hear her voice. The Unggoy’s uttering and so on is missing to. Uninstalled and reinstalled the MCC twice, reset my XB1 to factory settings and changing the country and language of my console to english didn’t do the trick either. Left my console on the standard settings for sound and video. The support guy from Microsoft told me that these problems were known for the digital version… These is really sad, as I was very happy about the MCC.

I have the very same problem with the Spanish/English version, I can hear all the environmental sounds but I can’t hear character voices like Cortana’s… ¿343 WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SOLVE THIS? Is a sincere disappointment… But is more disappointment that we are left here with an unsolved issue with no support from anyone from Microsoft until the date (2 months after the game launch)…