Sound and Class Saving Glitch / Issue?

I have encountered this problem for the 3rd time in a row now, and i couldn’t find any related topics that help.

My problem is as follows: Whenever I load up halo 4 (i am playing from the disc) it loads correctly. I can hear the sound when it says Microsoft studios as the disc’s intro plays. However, when I get to the main menu of the game, where it says “press start” I hear no sound at all. The sound is effectively cut off. Also, when I check my loadouts, they have been reset with just the DMR, pistol, and frag, nothing else.

To solve this problem, whenever I notice that the sound is not working at all, I go back to the Xbox dashboard and reload the game. This will fix the sound problem, however my classes are still reset, with only the three items previously mentioned equipped.

I would like to know if there is something I can do to fix this issue? Its very tedious remaking my classes over and over again, each time I want to play, as well as having to essentially “reload” my game twice for it to work properly.

-my save progress is on the hard drive
-i have the original 20gb white Xbox, with normal hd a/v cables
-i am the only profile on the Xbox

Any solutions out there?
Thank you