SOTReaper Clan Recruiting (Xbox 360)

Message either me GODxOFxGLORY
…or the clan leader KRAZY KOMBAT14

Hey everybody, I am recruiting for my clan called Sanctum of the Reaper, we are a military based clan with ranking and division. We are located mainly on Halo Reach, however, we do have a section in Destiny. We are also thinking of making a branch in Halo 4. We are only on the Xbox 360 for the Halo Branches but on Destiny we are on both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.

To start off I will list the requirements to join:
-Must have a working mic
-Must be at least 13 years old
-Must be willing to change Spartan emblem and color
-Must be willing to change name and motto under edit profile (Not gamertag; bio and service tag are whatever you want them to be.

We are also looking for two co-leaders. If interested in that position itself, message the leader only, to apply.

We are also up for joining Alliances.

We are in a need of people who:
-Are good Snipers
-Are good Drivers
-Are good Forgers
-Are good at all weapons

If you are interested in joining or want to find out more about us, send me or the leader a message, thanks.

My gamertag: GODxOFxGLORY
Leaders gamertag: KRAZY KOMBAT14