I recently played team arena today on Plaza and our team was matched 3v4. One person quit immediately after seeing we were at a disadvantage, but me and another random dude decided to tank the match as a two man team. First off I want to thank the other dude for not giving up like the many other halo players that have abandoned me in a 2v4 situation. The match was a tug of war but we were able to obtain a lead of 33 to 30 with about 3 minutes left. Once I secured the 33rd kill and eventually dying to a guy around hotel I noticed that the respawn timer stopped going down,then my game disconnected. Turns out my wifi had timed out and I had disconnected from the match. So, I just want to say sorry to the random dude that I had abandoned. and props to you man your awesome.

You could go to your game history on waypoint and send him a message.

I had a… similar experience, kind of.

Playing swat and the teams were already lopsided, a classic 3v4. Blue team had 3, Red had 4. I was on red the poor blue team had a tough start and somebody eventually quit on blue. Later on another blue quit, so now it’s a 1v4 the poor fellow endeared 20 or 30 deaths so we could finish the game

We need more teammates like this!

And that is why you should use a wired connection for your Xbox. It’s A LOT more stable connection.

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> You could go to your game history on waypoint and send him a message.

Yep, this would be the better option here. :slight_smile: