Sorry Not Sorry

I would like to sincerely apologize to all the Halo Players that I have left high and dry. I have been a die hard Halo fan since day 1. My favorite game type has always been objective type of games. Unfortunately Halo 5 does not give me the option of choosing objective or skirmish or whatever you want to call it. Thus I end up quitting out of many slayer games and I’m sure causing my teammates to lose. I have never ever quit out of any other Halo before Halo 5 because every other Halo has given the option to play objective games. I’m sorry for all of those that have had to suffer a loss because of my quitting. Maybe some day Halo 5 will have an objective based playlist to choose from, until then I have to quit out of slayer because it bores me.

Um, but do you even slay tho?

I mean what else would you do in an objective game type besides completely ignore and avoid the opposing team and rush across the map to score the objective; not saying it’s impossible but it’s also not ideal…

I only say this because you mention that slayer bores you, I am not even sure how that’s possible, but they dow offer an Assault only playlist. But even then, the objectives in Skirmish and BTB have their decent share in the rotation…

OP, please don’t quit out of matches, it’s people like you who end up screwing over other players. Just deal with what is there.

I don’t leave a match just because I don’t like the game mode or that I’m losing, that would make me a sore loser and a bad player.

First off, get good, second there is objs in halo 5.

If you like you can leave constructive matchmaking feedback on the frequency of objective gametypes on any playlist.

By the way you don’t have to quit, if you decide to quit that’s on you, making a thread apologizing to your teammates won’t really accomplish anything for anyone.