Sorry! I'm Done With Forge for now! Plus 3 Mods For FORGERS! ( PC VERSION! )

  1. Why? I crashes alot when trying to save files. It crashes when you are sometimes moving objects around.

  2. It’s really cumbersome when moving objects around. IE: You have these X,Y,Z line on an object. Its a real pain in the BUTT. Even Halo 5 and other Halo Forge’s you were able to click on a object you were able to move the object with your mouse.

This version of Forge is worse than “SPARKEDIT” that we had to use to edit maps for Halo Combat Evolved and Halo CE! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

  1. I have watched live video on youtube and you can hear the forgers complaining and cursing on when they either forge crashes or when they save their map or prefabs.

So it looks like I will have to wait till March 2022 to see if forge get better than it is now.

Side Note for Forgers.

I have 3 mods ready to be prefabed. I have the pics on how to do it. It’s kinda like a cheat sheet on how to make the mods.

  1. Ammo Box Mod:
    What this does is when in the map if a user it out of ammo the user can go to the ammo box and get more ammo instantly. ( make a prefab of it )

  2. Ejection Seat Mod:
    What this does is when you are in “ANY” vehicle and your vehicle is about to blow up you hit your exit key and it will jump you around 50 feet in the air and you wont die! ( Make a prefab. )

  3. Max Kills Mod:
    As we all know there are people that use cheats. If you think you have people are cheating on you game server you can set the max number of kill of any player.
    Example: in a Slayer game if you see a person that has 200 kills in 15 mins you know that person is cheating. You can set the number of MAX KILL at any number you wish.
    What happens is in the example above if the user did get 200 kills any kills after 200 the user will DIE! That means every time cheater kills someone the cheater will also die and continue to die till that user leaves the game.

Here is the linky to download the Node Graph Pics for the mods!

Enjoy Guys :slightly_smiling_face:

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:


best of luck on future projects