SORRY, Halo Infinite is not for Xbox players

It feels pretty clear at this point that 343 has no interest in making Halo an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for console players, despite it being a console oriented game from the very beginning.

Their obsession with making Infinite a PC game has led to complete neglect of the entire console fanbase and it’s pretty clear to see when you take a few big choices they’ve made into consideration.

  1. CROSSPLAY: They’ve completely removed any option to turn off crossplay, meaning that console players are forced to play against PC players with a HUGE advantage on mouse and keyboard. It feels like blatant disregard for console players and honestly a slap in the face. It’s well known that mouse and keyboard have a major advantage over console when it comes to first person shooters and this is made even worse by the next point.

  2. AIM ASSIST IS NON EXISTENT: Aim assist genuinely seems to not exist, as many console players can already attest to. While some uninformed PC players cry about aim assist for consoles, even when console players ACTUALLY have aim assist, they’re still at a massive disadvantage due to precision of aiming, ability to completely turn around or in any direction with a slight flick of the wrist, and everything else that comes along with precise and instant control of your aiming. But to make matters worse, Infinite doesn’t seem to have aim assist at all. After testing a couple weapons, I wasn’t able to observe any actual movement with aim assist.

I don’t know if it’s just that the 343 team has an internal bias toward PC gamers, or if it’s pressure from Microsoft in general, but it’s an absolute shame.

I’m sorry Xbox players, but Halo is no longer made for you.


I play with a controller and play fine, why are you complaining?


You are so wrong it hurts. M / KB in halo is far harder to use. I went from 42% accuracy to 65% and I’ve not used a controller in a fps game in 10 years. The ttk in this game gives controllers an advantage. It


Feels great to me on the Series X.

Grenades feel weird on 120 FOV, the aim is very nice.


Go play on KBM. You’ll see what non-existent aim assist is.


So far so good here!


I’m playing on an original xbox one. Having a blast, doing about as bad as I always have. Bit better compared to Halo 3 actually.


But I thought he is right, at least give us one toggle to close the cross play.


Nothing wrong with cross play lol…


So why we should be forced? Do you like to be.forced to do something when playing a game?


Something tells me that you arnt accepting as to why you arnt improving at games and want excuses to accustom your bad gameplay, and don’t even try to guilt trip me either


You joker really funny man, giving us the cross play toggle is not equal to not having cross play, if you want to cross play you can just turn it on, so what is wrong with adding one cross play toggle sucker? :sweat_smile:


Are you high or something

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Bruh, I’ve been playing both M&K and controller and I am way better with controller. M&K allows you to have easier aim control yes, but also has a bit lesser aim assist. Also, on M&K, you can’t control your movement as precisely cause you don’t have a thumbstick, you just have four buttons, so I think it evens out personally.

I think what you and a lot of people don’;t get is that these PC players have been playing these shooters, with minimal aim assist, for YEARS, and they are darn good at it. It’s not an advantage, it’s just experience. And ranked does have input controls, btw.


I agree crossplay needs a turn on/off setting


I’ve had no issues on my XSX, I’ve been playing cross play Ranked and won 8/10 Games. You need to tweak controller settings a bit but I’ve found what works well for me? The Aim Assist is not SUPER magnetized like previous titles and I really like it. Maybe play some bot matches to work out the best settings?


Input exclusion setting, issue solved. KBM and controllers shouldn’t share a lobby in the first place.


WHT PG or something?

Yes, if social game could have the input toggle, then it will be fine as well.

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Really? I have a series x and a xbox one. On the series x it’s very fun. It feels like halo to me. I’m about as good as I should be.

On the Xbox one you simply can’t aim. The frame rate is so bad and choppy using any precision weapon is close to useless. I only play bots on the one but I’ll pvp on the X.

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