Sorry, but I wrote a long post about Halo 4.

So far I’ve been playing for just over a month, and I’m now just now just begun using the DMR/BR, and I’m also giving the Bolt shot a go. I typically fancy myself as a hardcore gamer, although following up to recently I have been having fun with trying out the different weapons and AA’s that are available… but after playing around with the different options for load outs trying to find the perfect one, it turns out that even with deliberate effort on my part to find something that no one else is using already… I just can’t.

I thought I could do it, I tried to expose myself to the many different load out combinations and tactics; working diligently in finding what works in what situation and creating and testing an array of hypothesis of the Halo 4 sandbox… the game does a good job in certain aspects of creating a class that will suit your play style while providing the choice of further altering the game play (at the expense of touting one feature for another). In theory a lot of these ideas that are introduced should work in unison, but because of the nature of the game and how players generally approach and exploit a given area in an online environment, some choices and features and are rendered almost useless since it fails to serve as an effective means to the main goal of the game- that is to dispatch other players quickly and efficiently.

After considering the pros and cons of the weapons themselves, the BR providing a larger area of which you can register hits on an opponent at the expense of range and accuracy, the Light Rifle while it’s moderately effective in mid to long range depending on the zoom (it tends to easily give away the players position quite easily), the Carbine that has little to no kick while firing and has a high rate of fire is weaker and requires a larger number of shots to dispatch an opponent… and then the Automatic weapons, all of which are distinct in their own way but all are essentially used with the same purpose and tactic in mind. It is the DMR that I have found to be significantly more effective and prone to being abused as the overall primary weapon of the game, there is a multitude of alterations and possible features that would enable the other weapons in standing a chance against this gun, but as it turns out this is by far the most effective weapon in the game. I despised that in almost every game the majority of players are deployed with this weapon in hand and I tried diligently to find a counter, but since nothing suffices in overtaking this particular gun I have simply started using it myself, and to my pleasure I’m starting to wreak the benefits.

So right now I have the BR as my first primary followed by two classes of the DMR, and two classes of the AR weapon, both holding different secondary, grenades and AA types. I had given up on using the Light Rifle and Carbine (and most of the Automatics) as all it would do is make the task at hand harder and a deficit in my overall performance would ensue as I would be matched with a group full of DMR’s. It quickly became apparent that Halo 4 was quickly defined by the effectiveness of this weapon, and while other options were readily available, the prominent experience that would surely define this game for many included long ranged bouts with the DMR along with the 1 shot kill effectiveness of an aforementioned secondary that would completely change and alter the Halo sandbox throughout.

But provided these prominent weapons, it has become apparent that Halo 4 is being over shadowed by these two weapons, while this isn’t in itself bad… however I feel as if this was consequential in the over all perception of Halo and will forever change how players think of a Halo game- provided 343i continues along this path of design. I don’t have a problem with these weapons personally, I’m starting to use them more frequently, and as the old saying goes ‘fight fire with fire’, and so far it has been working. But I still wish that more careful thought and consideration went into creating the other weapons that are designed to go up against these two power house weapons… it seems if 343i is in fact trying to create a larger sandbox, that it would take to consideration the most important factor of how any weapon is designed to alleviate one from having too much influence on the other. They have done this with the AA system which I think is slightly flawed in some ways, but there’s a consequence in following what a certain constituency of players demand… and not taking into consideration what the general/major populace desires from the said experience.

I enjoy the game as it stands… only because now that I’m beginning to exploit player shortcomings and relying on tools and resources that were deliberately made to be superior over the others… it may not seem fair or player friendly to do this- but since virtually every other player has took the same opportunity, I don’t feel any shame in choosing the easy way, since now the Halo environment has essentially already been leveled thanks to the majority of players. I felt that Halo could have been different from what it is now but still retaining a level playing field as it was before, I think it will only be a matter of time and player feedback that these issues will be addressed (if you can in fact call them issues in the first place), because as a Halo fan since CE I was hoping for an experience that wasn’t defined by the prominence of one or two weapons or options, and while creating a class system as 343i has done this I don’t think that this was the intention.

I’m looking forward in seeing how 343i will be personally handling these issues in the MP arena either through MP updates or future iterations of the next two games, I feel like they were leaning towards making Halo more adjunct with some of the other MP experiences that have been proven successful by the majority of players, and in return have found themselves displeasing a constituency of fans whilst attempting to rake in other player bases… but what they have in fact accomplished is perhaps a combination of creating/converting fans while losing others. For those that have left, it’s largely on the lack of creativity and ambition this iteration has displayed, and how lax and complacent it was in relying on features and mechanics that has been proven success by other franchises. There are exciting and ambitious possibilities that one can easily conceive of when undertaking the Halo lore and fiction, but sadly these opportunities were largely overlooked like I already said.

So while this is my favorite MP game and will continue to be so, I’m afraid it has lost focus to the point where the players need to rethink what they personally want out of a Halo game, but still demand that they expect to be granted a certain experience from ultimately playing it. It is with this that we may allow our mixed and different opinions to coalesce into an experience that we call can enjoy, even though it won’t necessarily fit what we personally expect- and at this point considering what Halo 4 has done I wouldn’t count the future games to fit nicely into the category it once occupied with Halo 3, but perhaps the developers will take the cues from the community and create a level and fair experience that Bungie has succeeded for the most part with their Halo games (which to a lot of us remains to be the true Halo experience) and rightfully so.

“China called, they want their wall back”.

> “China called, they want their wall back”.

And to the OP, people have already tried all the combos. The 300k(?) people on release tried em all before you put your disc in and figured out what it took you this long to.
Sorry, but I don’t see the point of this thread, We know the DMR is by far the beast weapon in the game

That’s not true, just look at the games I’ve played, the only time I use the DMR is when I run out of ammo.

In that game, I was the only one who didn’t use the DMR and went 15/3 (k/d) using the Storm Rifle and the Magnum.