Sops Music?

So, I was listening to some Halo 4 tracks, and I wondered if the same tracks would be recycled for Spops. Its a possibility but I don’t think that Davidge will be spitting out 5 new tracks every week for 10 weeks (I wish he would though!). Its more probable for 343 to use the soundtrack remixes or just recycle the same music. Don’t get it twisted, I love the music, and I wouldn’t mind it being drilled into my head for a few extra missions, but I would love some new tracks.

I just want to know if there has been any word on what 343 will do for Spops music.

Edit: Spop = Spartan Ops

By sops do you happen to mean spartan ops?

If so, then it will most likely be the same set of tracks, shuffled and fit to the mood of the level.

I wouldn’t be surprised, unless they pull a Halo 2 Vol. II with more tracks. Which would be fine by me.

They could reuse older Halo music. Shocking and unheard of, I know.