Sooo why is this?

Ok. I started Halo 4 on Nov. 6, i pre-ordered it and everything. now when i got to sr-50, only wetwork and operator were available to choose. Since i didnt know how it all worked yet, i chose wetwork, and finished it. i then chose operator and finished it tonight, now why cant i choose my next specialization? Please help. what is wrong?

Nothing is wrong. People who didn’t get the standard or legendary editions, have to wait for this week to get a code to unlock the rest of the specializations. It will come this week. Check your email. :slight_smile:

ummmm. i got standard edition. :slight_smile:

He meant only people who got the LIMITED EDITION got access to the other specializations.

People in the US/Canada who played Halo 4 STANDARD EDITION multiplayer by midnight on Nov 20th will get an email within the next week with the codes to unlock the 6 other specs.

oh ok thanks.

Yeah whoops.

Thank you for the correct. :slight_smile: