Sooo. Whens the next update?

So I’m four levels from completing the winter battle pass, forge was never really my thing and my friends have moved onto other games now because coop took too long to be released.

Any idea when the next update is out?


We’re getting an update in December and then after that, I believe it will be March.


Remember when we played games because they were fun and not for a silly battle pass?


Yeah, since they made the passes so easy and quick to complete that portion of the fun is over quickly. Was able to get the weekly side objectives and weekly participation trophy within a handful of hours tops too.

So I just play BTB from here on out I guess… Should start setting up coop runs perhaps so I can enjoy that at least.

Next event seems to be in December though.

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Heard December then March, I’ve completed the Pass & only jumping on for the Ultimate Rewards or I get asked to play Infinite with someone

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oooooooooh I 'membah


Pepperidge Farm remembers.


Okay, so when is this game gonna start being fun?


Well that’s the problem, Halo Infinite isn’t a fun game.

That’s subjective, but you do you.


Subjective yes, but numbers don’t lie, you never even hear about the game either, just hidden away at the bottom of the pile in every way.


Fair point! I think the lack of content has hurt the game’s numbers significantly, too. I still find Infinite fun, but six month seasons are excruciating.


It was for that 5 star General in Halo 3 or Inheritor in Halo Reach. The long grind that was fun and beneficial. The Spartan grind to 152 in Halo 5 was never similar or close. The progression system is exactly what this game is specifically missing. It’s unacceptable that it’s not part of the game over a year out.


That relies on the game being fun in the first place.

The numbers don’t lie I agree but that doesn’t necessary mean because it’s not a fun game. Take myself and the majority of my friends for example. 90% of us really like the gameplay! But it’s all the other issues that we are fed up with.

Terrible net code, So many useless weapons, terrible progression system, no toggle for seeing ridiculous cosmetics (seriously, half this stuff in this game doesn’t even look like Halo anymore) No split screen local co-op, no co-op anything at launch, key playlists that still aren’t in (like ranked team Slayer) Not having player collision in, not having firefight or something like it and not even mentioning anything to do with it and the list goes on and on and on…

I would argue that a lot of people do like Halo Infinite’s gameplay, it’s just they are fed up with all the other issues with the game and rightfully so.

Apparently there’s a QoL update coming out in December.

I’ve never stopped. If a game isn’t fun, I don’t play it. Plenty of other games to play.

Some people find progressing and having goals fun…

Remember when people didn’t gatekeep enjoyment?