sons of war

Hey, I’m SoW Wesley from SoW Genesis GD. We are a clan, primarily in Halo Reach, but also have clans and squads in other games. We currently have 3 Halo Reach clans, and are recruiting! We have squads, clan meetings, and much more. Were currently low on members, because our clan just split. So if u are interested in joining out community, or just looking to play, HIT ME UP!

-SoW Wesley

Just adding some information to my last post:

We have an honor code which you will follow and respect

We have a uniform that you put on to represent our clan

Theres a Chain of Command to answer your questions through the clan

We have a solid ranking structure and promotions for being active, recruiting, or even as simple as just playing with other memebers.

We have little clan tourneys that we will be starting up in the clan, in which u can even win prizes

If you are an active person looking for a group of players you can rely on in games, and like to take skill further and even learn call-outs and set-ups on maps. Then SoW Genesis GD might be the clan for you!